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Schiess-Training mit
Dangerous Dave!!!

Bucht ein Schiesstraining mit Dave.

Jetzt fuer JEDEN moeglich und nicht nur fuer unsere Gaeste!

Nur Sonntags um 11h Morgends

Dave buchen: TheReimanns@gmx.net
About Dave:
Dave has been shooting and gun-handling since 1990 when at the age of 40 he started jumping off horses. He became a cowboy stunt man. He has done cowboy re-enactments, entertaied professionally and done western movies as a stunt actor. What usually appears in the movies is his hand and six-gun. Usually fast draw and gun spinning and twirls. ( Fancy gun handling). Working with actors such as Chuck Norris, Tom Selleck, Willie Nelson, and Sam Elliot.
For 6 years he was a member of the World Fast Draw organization. They compete world wide for who is the fastest. Using black powder blanks, Dave has been timed at .483 seconds in competition and .383 seconds in practice. He can fire two shots in less than 4/10 of a second. All this with a single action Colt Peacemaker Kal. 45.
He is an active member of the N.R.A. A national organization that promotes safe gun handling, child safety, proper training, and national heritage.
He has also been a member of SASS ( single action shooting society). A membership in the USA that promotes Cowboy dress and shooting with over 500,000 members.
With more certifications than you can mention, Dave has been teaching six gun shooting and safety for over 15 years.
Speaking of safety, Dave loads all ammunition used in his instructions with wax gullets instead of lead. “This way everyone goes home on two good legs.”

His sessions include:

  • A 20 minute video of shooting and safe gun handling.
  • A personal introduction into the Colt 45 caliber six-gun.
  • Safety instructions.
  • Live shooting and gun handling.
  • Certificate of completion from Dangerous Dave’s School for Outlaws.
  • Souvenir cowboy hat.
  • Best target – signed and dated.
  • $125/Person
    Das Video zeigt das Schiesstraining mit Dangerous Dave und unseren Gaesten Marion, Andreas, Monika und Harry!

    Ein paar Fotos von uns bei Dangerous Dave!


    Nach vorheriger Absprache ist es moeglich Surfunterricht fuer Anfaenger bei Konny zu bekommen! Material vorhanden!

    Hier der link zu unserem Lieblings Country Radiosender:

       Listen online!!!!

    GAINESVILLE  and around...

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          Gainesville Outlet Mall ... ideal fuer ein paar kleine Einkaeufe


    Golf- – Turtle Creek Golf Club,
    features bent grass greens in a spectacular North Texas setting. Located northwest of Muenster, approximately 15 miles from Konny Island

                      STATE THEATER GAINESVILLE

    State Theater- http://www.statetheatergainesville.com/, Lovingly restored theater located downtown. Hosts occasional Butterfield Stage performances and numerous entertainment venues.

    Morton Museum of Cooke County - http://www.mortonmuseum.org/ - Housed in the 1884 city hall/fire station, the museum provides exhibits of Cooke County history which are changed quarterly. Several architectural items of historical significance from the local area are included in the structure of the building itself.




    DENTON (ca.40min. entfernt)



     Brunswick Bowling Center

    Wasserpark Denton



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    Reunion Tower

    Sixth Floor Museum


        Six Flags Vergnuegungspark


    Six Flags Wasserpark



                   GRAPEVINE MILLS MALL
                     Unsere Lieblings-Outlet-Mall mit ueber 180 Geschaeften!!!!!!!!












    TEXAS MOTOR SPEEDWAY Located in North Fort Worth, Texas, the Texas Motor Speedway measures one and half miles and falls under the category of Super Speedways. The stadium has 154,860 seats. The Texas Motor Speedway offers 5 different camping areas while visiting the race. http://www.texasmotorspeedway.com/Camping.aspx provides all information you need to stay at their campground. The track is 1 1/2 miles long and has 24 degree banks. The speedway was built between 1995 and 1996 at a cost of over $250 million dollars. The current record speed was set by Brian Vickers, 196.235 mph in his qualifying run. Every year NASCAR races the Nextel Cup and the Bush Cup at the speedway but the fastest laps are set by the IRL at the Bombardier Learjet 550. The Texas Motor Speedway currently hosts the Samsung 500, Dickies 500, Busch Series O'Reilly 300, Busch Series O'Reilly Challenge. Tailgating at the Texas Motor Speedway is always a popular .. event. So bring your tailgating gear when visiting.



          WINSTAR Casinos


                                                                                                TURNER FALLS